Golden Diamond Eagle Co., Ltd was founded in 2018 and leaded by Managing Director “Nweni Htay Win”. She was graduated Bachelor of Business Management degree from SIM Global Education (RMIT), had several years oversea experience as a logistics coordinator and customer service provider. Since 2015, she got back home land and studied the domestic business activities. Then, she established Dual Majestic Co., Ltd in 2016 and started to import and distributes products such as three-wheel tricycles, Prestressed Concrete Wire, Diesel Engines, low voltage and medium voltage cables and also cable fittings. Later in 2018, she established Golden Diamond Eagle to extend Electrical business line. On the other hand, the company is providing consultation, installation and services on electrical fields and project according to Tender basics and if our valuable customers have the projects and tenders, the company will support in every way. Our business has grown over the years dramatically due to National Electrification Project and lot of tenders
are calling & projects all over Myanmar were started.

Projects that we have successfully completed over the years are:

Government Project Won
Project Amount (Kyats)
Dollar (roughly)
PP 1, Lot 1/ ESE (AYA) Division (Budget)/ 2018- 2019
Contract No; 14/E.S.E / mgy (Materials)/GRF/2019-2020
Contract No; 17/E.S.E/mgy(Material) Main Budget/2019-2020
Contract No; 18/E.S.E/mgy(Material) Main Budget/2019-2020
Purchase Order No. 79(P)/YESC တိုင်းဒေသကြီး) 2019-2020
Contract No.50(T)/MESC (D-R)/ 2020-2021

In the year 2019, Covid 19 has started but our business has not been affected much and our sales has continued to grow. But in the following years 2021, due to political situation here in Myanmar and Covid Delta variant had greatly affected physically and mentally but we have tried our best to contribute back to needing community by importing oxygen concentrators by air freight for nearly 800units timely. We, our company are very proud to be able to work for the people during Covid Delta Variant time that people are suffering a lot and we can contribute back by the time of need. End of year 2021, we have started to import Solar street lights and AC street lights with Next Electric Brand.

By the year 2022, we have planned to extend our business line in solar energy due to frequently power cut off and not enough electricity for usages. We have started “YOUKO Electric shop” in Mandalay in March of 2022. We have attainted Exclusive distributor for LIVFAST India brand and started importing Batteries and Inverters from India in 2022. Moreover, we are importing Jinko Brand Solar Panels and also NEXT ELECTRIC’ brand Inverters and batteries. Although its new market and different products but since we already have customers’ base for all over Myanmar, in on time we have attained big customers who are installers, shops and also companies, etc., In Oct 2022, we have opened new branch of “YOUKO Electric shop” in Yangon. These two shops in Yangon and Mandalay are the main touch and feedback from our customers directly and we got to know more about the customers need and products quality seamlessly without filters which are great help to our imports and vice visa with our sales.

Our company total turnover in one year has reached back to 6,597,444,988 kyats and (exchange 2,100) approximately USD $ 3,142,630 in year 2022 whereas in year 2020, our year highest turnover is 7,564,923,750 kyats and (exchange 1,300) approximately USD $ 5,819,172.

Golden Diamond Eagle is a private company and types of business are as follows:

(a) Importing all kind of Electrical Power Cables, fittings and related goods (including solar street lights, etc.,).
(b) Importing Solar Panels, Batteries & Inverters (including World’s famous brand such as Jinko, China), Livfast (India), etc.,)
(c )Delivery of Engineer services
(d) Logistic works (Transportation of cargo by ship and vehicles).

Our Vision is

To be the top leading supplier of electrical products and solar markets.

Our Core Values are

High Quality, team work, save energy and to improve everyone life standard, and not just making profit but also primarily to extend our society network.

Our Mission Statement is

To provide competitive price and conformance of products’ quality, creating superior value by satisfying our valuable customers and giving on-time service and products.


“Power is our Future”